Filmmakers and Speakers Enrich and Enliven Film Days 

Directors coming to Film Days include Bill Morrison (Dawson City: Frozen Time), Aviva Kempner, (Rosenwald), Simone Eleveld (Urban Tides), Thomas Bena (One Big Home), and Nathan Pancione (Joan).  Representing Bosque de Niebla/The Cloud Forest (Mónica Álvarez, 2017) are producer Carlos Sosa Ortiz, and producer/cinematographer Carlos Rossi.   Sanford Ikeda, who is interviewed in the film Citizen Jane: Battle Cry of the City,  will discuss his scholarship on Jane Jacobs. And, Film Days favorites Peter Rutkoff (Sunday Brunch Film Discussion) and Jane Steuerwald of the Black Maria Film Festival are returning as well.  

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