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All This Can Happen w/ Wilderness

  • Village Hall Ballroom 22 Main Street Cooperstown, NY 13326 (map)
‘Cheshire Territorials' Still from All This Can Happen, courtesy of BFI National Archive.jpg

All This Can Happen

Based on the celebrated Swiss modernist writer Robert Walser’s 1917 novella “The Walk”, All This Can Happen drolly follows the footsteps of the protagonist as he walks through his entire day—small adventures, reflective moments, and chance encounters. Our fictional walker’s quirky observations on ordinary events leads him toward some deeper ponderings on the comedies, joys, heartbreaks, and endless variety of life. Visually, the film is a flickering collage of intriguing imagery—constructed entirely from archival photographs, snapshots, and found footage from earlier days of cinema. The endless possibilities of movement and simple human interaction appear, evolve, and freeze before our eyes using juxtapositions, different speeds, and split frame techniques to convey a walker’s state of mind as he encounters a routine world. “Susan Sontag called Robert Walser ‘a Paul Klee in prose—as delicate, as sly, as haunted.’ Although Walser wrote his most renowned short story, The Walk [Der Spaziergang] in 1917, it was not translated into English until 1955. British filmmakers Davies and Hinton not only illustrate but also illuminate this wry and pensive tale. . . ‘The inward self,’ explains the narrator, ‘is the only self that exists’”—Hirshhorn Museum. (Siobhan Davies/David Hinton, 2012, 50 minutes)


A short cinematic poem, Wilderness is based on the writings of naturalist, author and environmental philosopher John Muir—an ode to wilderness, filmed in the Scottish Highlands. (Temujin Doran, 2016, 5 minutes)