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Shorts + Cake: Four Passages

  • Village Hall Ballroom 22 Main Street Cooperstown, NY 13326 United States (map)

Complimentary coffee and cake made by Marjorie Landers

2300 miles to work.jpg

Filmmaker Tim Brown and illustrator George Butler teamed up for 2,300 Miles to Work, a film that touches on themes of migration, survival, and bonds of friendship and family. Two young Tajiks face a similar dilemma — whether to remain at home with dwindling work prospects, or head out to Moscow for a job. Fusing the intimacy of pen and ink and the vérité of cinema, they create a work that tells a story impossible to convey through either medium alone—an unusual perspective on contemporary migration, as people travel in search of money, opportunity, and security. (Tim Brown, 2018, 11 minutes)

Knife Skills

knife skills.png

What does it take to open a first-rate French restaurant? What if the staff is almost entirely men and women just out of prison who have never cooked or served before—and with only two months to learn their trade? Knife Skills follows the hectic launch of Edwins, a restaurant in Cleveland. In this improbable setting, we get to know three trainees intimately as well as the restaurant’s founder, also dogged by his past. All have something to prove as they struggle to launch new lives while attempting to make Edwins a big success. (Thomas Lennon, 2017, 40 minutes)


Under the Husk


Post-screening discussion

with filmmaker Katsitsionni Fox

“Oheró:kon - Under the Husk” follows the journey of  two Mohawk girls as they take part in their traditional passage rites to becoming Mohawk women.  Kaienkwinehtha and Kasennakohe are childhood friends from traditional families in the Mohawk Community of Akwesasne straddling the U.S. / Canada border. They participate in a four-year adolescent rite of passage ceremony recently revived within their community, and now shaping the women they will become. (Katsitsionni Fox, 2017, 26 minutes)


Paint the Alpacas

Paint the alpacas.jpg

Aidan Macaluso in person

In the secluded countryside of upstate New York, the aging Arthur, his sister, and his son are all dealing with the recent passing of Arthur’s beloved spouse during the course of this short stylized narrative. Moments before her death, his wife had confessed her religious doubts and misgivings, causing Arthur (a devout believer) to resist burying her for fear he will never see her again in the afterlife. (Aidan Macaluso, 2016, 18 minutes)