Guest Speakers 2018

Odile Allard, I Pay for Your Story
Joshua Bennett, Sky and Ground
Steven Burke, Rendered Small
Ric Burns, Driving While Black
Sandy Cannon-Brown, High Tide in Dorchester
Louis Cherry, Rendered Small
Marsha Gordon, Rendered Small
Joost Conijn, Good Evening to the People Living in the Camp
Melissa Katsitsionni Fox, Under the Husk
Jim Ginsburg, RBG
Aube Giroux, Modified
Willy Hartland, New York Sketchbook, Selections from Black Maria Film Festival
Brian Kaufman, 12th and Clairmount
Kathy Kieliszewski, 12th and Clairmount
Melissa Lefebvre, Bagages
Aidan Macaluso, Paint the Alpacas
Thomas Piper, Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf
Peter Rutkoff: Chair, Department of American Studies, Kenyon University
Gretchen Sullivan Sorin, Driving While Black
Jane Steuerwald presenting: a selection of short films from the Black Maria film Festival
Tayla Tibbon, Sky and Ground
Paul Tom, Bagages
Travis Wilkerson, Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?