A Word about Logistics

With 17 film events, 3 parties, a Sunday brunch, lunches, and related events in multiple Cooperstown venues,  lots is going at Film Days this weekend.  Here’s some advice to keep your Film Days experience running smoothly.

If you have already purchased a pass, please arrive at the venue 15 minutes early. At 10 minutes prior to the start time, we will start selling individual tickets until there are no more seats available. We’d like to keep everything running on time, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you have already purchased a ticket, arriving about 10-15 minutes early will be helpful as well.

Don’t have a ticket or a pass yet? Please come, we will sell any available seats starting at 10 minutes prior to each film/event. Because all pass holders don’t attend every single film/event, there likely will be seats available.

Films with the best availability are: How to Change the World, The Anthropologist,  The Birth of Saké, Indivisible, and the kids’ film Rango.

Films with some availability include Miss Sharon Jones!  and The Language You Cry In (Sunday Brunch discussion),

Films with limited/very limited availability include Heart of a DogSaving Mes Aynak, the Black Maria Film Festival selections, Rams , Requiem for the American Dream, The Messenger, All the Time in the World, The Babushkas of Chernobyl, and the free film Grass.

In addition, a limited number of tickets may be available for the Opening Party, Persian Lunch, Japanese Fall Buffet, and Wrap Party.

Thank you for your interest in Film Days! We look forward to exploring these stories of resilience and succeeding against the odds with you.