Glimmerglass Film Days 2016: New Year, New Theme!

Hi everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood intern here to give you some info regarding the fourth annual Glimmerglass Film Days. We are anticipating another wonderful long weekend of films, discussions, hikes and art exhibits, this November, from the 10th to the 14th.

Our theme this year is “Against the Odds,” focusing on resilience in all of its forms, from overcoming cultural and environmental adversity to preserving traditions and persevering in the face of insurmountable odds. We’ve put together a varied and fantastic collection of movies, from experimental documentaries to Oscar nominated foreign features. But before Glimmerglass Film Days begins, we’re going to do a pre-festival screening in the coming months. The movie, which will be revealed soon, will be tied to our theme and will offer both locals and tourists alike a unique cinematic experience.

That’s all the info I can give you all at the moment without spoiling the surprises we have in store. But, I will be posting a blog every Friday, so stay tuned! Until then, check in to the Glimmerglass Film Days website and Facebook page to stay up to date with all of the forthcoming exciting news and updates!