Shorts + Cake


Shorts + Cake


Monday, November 11, 3:15 - 5 pm, Village Hall Ballroom, 22 Main Street

*complimentary coffee and cake by Marge Landers*

$6 advance/$7 door

Highlights include:

Growing Up Ethan

Filmmaker and photographer Josephine Sittenfeld first met Ethan Floquet-McGovern, a Massachusetts boy with autism, when he was 9 years old and she was doing a photography project about raising children on the autism spectrum. Her relationship with the Floquet-McGovern family blossomed and she continued to visit the family for the next decade. Now, 12 years later, Sittenfeld follows up with Ethan as he enters adulthood and struggles to find his own independence.


La Derniere Tournee

Christophe Leraie tells the story of Jerome, a father who spends his nights driving around in his old station wagon to deliver the local newspaper. When his son is denied a job because he does not have a vehicle, Jerome decides to give his son the station wagon so he can get the job. This small sacrifice shakes the foundation of the family in unforeseeable ways.


Lost World

With breathtaking overhead shots of Cambodia and intimate portraits of the people who live there, filmmaker Kalyanee Mam documents habitat destruction and a vanishing way of life in Cambodia’s mangrove forests in the short film Lost World. In order to expand its land mass, Singapore has become one of the largest sand importers in the world, bringing in over 80 million tons of sand from the islands and mangrove forests of Cambodia in the last 12 years. Mam, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2013, makes this large-scale issue personal by following one woman, Phalla Vy.


Moment to Moment

Mike Attie’s tender short Moment to Moment follows Carl and Susan, a scientist and an artist who first met (and fell in love) as teachers. Susan recalls her memories of their romance: the first time she saw Carl, their first date, Carl’s love of physics. When Carl was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he was no longer able to pursue his career but found new purpose dismantling electronics in search of the copper inside, as Susan made sculptures from the copper coils.


Scenes from a Dry City

Scenes from a Dry City explores the social implications of the drought and current water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa. By juxtaposing views and experiences from different areas of the city, director Simon Wood shows how the absence of water pulls apart the fabric of society. Fear of loss and denial of reality seem to govern many reactions to the drought with private desires trumping public survival. Water, a resource shared by a community, can become divisive with its absence. Will the drought end before Cape Town dries up?


Above Us Only Sky

A beautiful, meandering, thoughtful film essay that starts with filmmaker Arthur Kleinjan recalling the 2010 Icelandic volcano eruption that halted air traffic over Europe, and digresses over time to discover the haunted majesty of the decomposing Kladno steelworks in the Czech Republic, overgrown and returning to the land.

Filmmaker Mike Attie from Moment to Moment will be available for Q & A.

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